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Imagine waking up each day feeling empowered, free from the burdens of anger, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Picture a life where you're in control of your emotions, relationships are harmonious, and joy is abundant.

That's the transformation my clients experience through the tailored therapy services. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Your path to inner peace starts here.

Virtual Therapy & Coaching for Adult Individuals across Ontario, Alberta and Anywhere on the Globe.

  • Gain Control over Emotions and Relationships

  • Overcome stress, anger, anxiety, and life's challenges

  • Release Trauma: Liberate from haunting memories

  • Transform depression into empowerment

  • Get a Clear Life Vision, Set Goals, and Craft an Action Plan for Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

  • Embody Presence, Awareness and Peace

Psychotherapy Benefits

brown tobacco
brown tobacco


  • Somatic and EMDR therapy

  • Trauma & PTSD therapy

  • Stress & Anger Management

  • CBT & Mindfulness therapy

  • Anxiety, Fears, Depression

  • Transformational & Life Coaching

silhouette of woman raising her right hand
silhouette of woman raising her right hand

"I would like to share my exceptional experience with AL's Somatic EMDR therapy. Through our sessions, I've cultivated a deep connection with my body intelligence, growing presence, centeredness, calm and peace. The results have been transformative, leading to enhanced clarity, easier emotional regulation and sharper concentration at work. Highly recommended for those seeking profound personal growth.".

Customer Reviews

person about to touch the calm water
person about to touch the calm water

"Working with AL has been truly transformative. His skillful use of Somatic EMDR led me on a journey of deep healing and self-discovery that has left a lasting impact. AL's unique and personable approach goes beyond traditional methods, allowing me to connect with my body in profound ways. His guidance enabled me to delve into my emotions and energy with remarkable ease, leading to clarity and balance. AL's ability to clarify complex concepts within body-mind dynamics is exceptional, making him an invaluable therapist. Overall, my experience with AL has been uplifting and empowering, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking holistic healing and self-discovery.".

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Empowering lives since 2009, I hold a master's from Columbia University in NYC, focusing on your well-being. Using proven techniques, compassionate support, and a commitment to your wellness, I provide a safe space for you to overcome challenges. Together, we'll build resilience, develop coping skills, and pave the way for a happier, more fulfilling life tailored to your unique journey.

Al Kaibzhanov, Prychotherapist, MSW RSW
Founder of Solution Talk Therapy

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